Kids Bedroom

So my first post is about kids bedrooms. I was hoping for a more inspiring wonderful topic, but today I am thinking about kids bedrooms.  I started to think of bedroom about 9:30 a.m. this morning. On this glorious summer day, all my kids slept in late. A very rare, yet beautiful occasion! But this week is a cleaning week. I live in a little town (pop.1100) and it is clean up week in the valley. In our home that means we will be cleaning the basement and garage on the last 3 days of the week. So big is this event, that my husband takes days off to do celebrate (well if you call cleaning and decluttering celebrating:-/) The kids and I have to get the rest of the house cleaned up before the GREAT clean up. So that starts with kids bedrooms. UGGGGGGGGGGGG. Not being a neat person myself, I have had to rely on Flylady. She is awesome and cheerful, but I cannot seem to get cheerful about kids rooms. Now before you say, “oh just shut the door, who cares” there are a few special things about our family in this regard. We are a foster family, which means counselors, case workers, case aids and random people show up at your house a lot.  The house and bedrooms need to be reasonably clean.   Next, my kids share rooms. We have a 3 -bedroom house and 5 kids. The 3 girls share and the 2 boys share. Some of my kids are naturally neat and some are born messys/hoarders.  Plus, I have this underlying theory that live is easier when one has good habits. So we work together to form these habits. So back to bedrooms. I expect my kids to spend 15 minutes a day cleaning their rooms. In 5 daily jobs: 1. make bed 2. pick up toys/books/possessions and put them away. 3. Put clean clothes away. 4. Put dirty clothes in the basket. 5. Make sure nothing is on the floor (including under your bed and stuffed in the closet.) After 45 minutes I went upstairs, where the rooms are located. Ugggg! I stayed up and gave direction for about 10 minutes. They were clear to the kids. 30 minutes later I return, still very little progress. So I stayed up and directed some more. By directing I mean yelling commands – evil mama!!! I have many times sat patiently with my kids sorting belongs, decluttering and finding homes for things. I have taught them how to change sheets, make beds and placing stuffed animals. But many days are getr’ done days. How is it that children are trained in such habits. I do not know. It is not that I have not tried many methods- it just seems like it is a heart , and obedience issue over all. Perhaps it will not bother me in 10 years. I do still remember the Clean your Room Battles I had with my parents. I remember sitting in a messy room paralyzed and not knowing what to do first.  I remember playing with new things I found. I remember being childish. And childhood is a time for childishness.   Yet, childishness needs to move on. It is good to be childlike, but not childish. There are theories. One is a  parent needs to be with the child and clean the room with them. Been there done that. Yet there are many things that need to be done. Sometimes rooms need to be cleaned by the residents in the room alone. A second is that parents should clean the room, because the kids don’t do a good enough job. I don’t really struggle with this one. I am not that kind of Mom:-0 A third, shut the door – already covered that. So we come to messy rooms and summer days. Perhaps, improvement will be made this summer:-) I sure hope so! Psalm 105:4 For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations. I would love my kids to learn to keep their bedrooms clean this summer but even more I want them know that the Lord is good and faithful. So as I endure the bedroom cleaning training I hope that God love will shine through.